PSSI-IPR workshop on National Fusion Program-ITER and Beyond

November 8-10, 2006, Ahmedabad

As the first initiative towards acheiving the goals of the NFP, a 3 day workshop was organized mainly for participants from the various resesearch and academic institutions across India.

More than 105 participants from over 30 Intitutes/university/colleges from all over India attended the workshop that was held at Ahmedabad frmo 8-10 November, 2006.  After the various talks on the nine broad areas of research, working groups were formed for each of those areas. A full day was dedicated to discussions of these working groups and at the end of the discussions, more than 90 research proposals were generated.

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The proposals submitted were scrutinized by various working committies which gave recommendations to the principal Investigators untill the proposals had its final acceptable form.  In the first phase, 23 proposals were invited for a review presentation at IPR on 4th April 2007.  

21 proposals were accepted in principle, of which 5 have were  funds and the remaining would be sanctioned subject to the modifications recommended by the external panel of referees.

In the next phase, more proposals from the original pool of 90 odd proposals would be taken up for modifications and finally for funding.

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