First, Second, Third and Final Lists of Candidates to be interviewed Online for Ph.D. (Physics)-2020 program at IPR


1. Kindly note that these lists are prepared by selecting the candidates, who have opted for an online interview, in chronological order based on the application IDs.

2. The candidates appearing in these lists will receive an email from IPR stating the guidelines of the interview and will include the online interview link, and the interview time slot. The interview time-slots can also be found on the IPR website.

3. The candidates are advised to read the guidelines carefully and follow them strictly. The candidates are requested to be available for the interview according to the time slot allotted to them.

4. Kindly note that the attached lists are of the first,second,third and final batches of candidates to be interviewed online. The next list will be published subsequesntly.

5. The candidates are requested to wait patiently until the publication of all the lists containing the names of the candidates to be interviewed online, before submitting any query regarding their names not appearing in the list of candidates called for the online interviews.

  • Important instructions for online interview
  • First List of Candidates
  • Second List of Candidates
  • Third List of Candidates
  • Final List of Candidates