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Agenda for the 16th Transport and Confinement Topical Group Meeting

Agenda for the 29th Pedestal and Edge Physics Topical Group meeting

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International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) 

The International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) provides a framework for internationally coordinated fusion research activities. The ITPA continues the tokamak physics R&D activities that have been conducted on an international level for many years. This has resulted in the achievement of a broad physics basis essential for the ITER design and useful for all fusion programs and for progress toward fusion energy generally.

The ITPA operates under the auspices of ITER. The Participants in the ITPA are the Members of ITER. The organizational structure of the ITPA consists of a Coordinating Committee (CC) and several Topical Physics Groups.

ITPA Transport & Confinement Topical Group (T&C)

Paola Mantica (Chair), Joydeep Ghosh (Dep. Chair), Alberto Loarte (ITER Dep. Chair)

The overall scope of the Transport and Confinement Topical Group is to explore and to develop a fundamental understanding of transport and confinement physics governing plasma performance, including that of ITER and burning plasmas in general. This scope includes: maintaining the confinement and L-H threshold databases, and augmenting them as necessary; developing an understanding of the basic processes controlling plasma particle, energy and momentum transport; supporting the identification of experiments, inter-machine comparisons and analysis to address critical transport issues; and facilitating the validation of physics based ion and electron thermal transport models in support of developing a fully predictive transport capability that could be used for integrated scenario modelling. The group will interface as necessary with other Topical Groups on cross-cutting topics.


ITPA Pedestal & Edge Physics Topical Group (P&EP)

Rajesh Maingi (chair), Hajime Urano (deputy), and Guido Huijsmans (ITER Dep. Chair)

In order to develop the physics basis for ITER operation, the Pedestal and Edge Physics Topical Group shall coordinate pedestal plasma physics research: initiate collaborative research activities among international fusion research establishments to improve the understanding of pedestal physics, with a focus on the key questions for ITER; develop, maintain and analyze the international pedestal databases, assessing the implications for ITER; and carry out theory and modelling, integrated with experimental activity, to advance scientific knowledge and so reduce uncertainties in predictions for fusion devices, such as ITER. Based on these activities, the Topical Group shall make recommendations for the physics research areas and methodologies to address key remaining questions for pedestal fusion research. Since the region treated by the Pedestal and Edge Physics Topical Group is the boundary between the core and the Scrape-Off-Layer (SOL)/divertor regions, and the topic has implications for ITER diagnostics, as well as overlaps with magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), the group shall seek to benefit from collaborative activities with the other Topical Groups.