The Indian Vacuum Society (IVS) was established in 1970 to promote vacuum science and technology in academic, industrial and R&D institutions in India.  The IVS is a member society of the International Union of Vacuum Science, Techniques and Applications (IUVSTA). It has been organizing International and national symposia, short term courses and workshops on different aspects of Vacuum Science & Technology at regular intervals. So far 27 National symposia, 5 International Symposia and 64 workshops/courses have been organized at various locations in India. There has been an active participation from R & D establishments, universities and industries during all these events. In view of the current global scenario and emerging trends in vacuum technology, IPR with  IVUSTA and IVS  organize IUVSTA Workshop on Ultra High Vacuum Techniques for Large Volume Devices at Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Ganghinagar, Gujrat State, India, during 19-22 March,  2013.



The workshop aims to bring together vacuum scientists and technologists interested in all aspects of Ultra high vacuum (UHV) systems for large volume devices, e.g. tokamaks, accelerators, gravitational wave detector ( e.g. LIGO) etc. Achieving UHV requires development of various techniques. Design and fabrication of a large UHV chamber is a challenging task. Wall cleaning is important aspect. A leak detection technique for large volume devices is also important. Various codes and standards are applicable. The workshop will promote the recent progress in the UHV techniques for large volume devices and related industrial development.



The researchers, academicians, technologists, industrial houses, students involved in tokamak research, accelerators, large experimental systems and detectors, etc. and industries related to vacuum science and in the field  in India and around the world are invited to actively participate in the workshop and make this event a grand success.

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