Prof. Amita Das
(Senior Professor)
Institute For Plasma Research

Bhat Gandhinagar -382428
Gujarat, India

Email:-         amita (AT) ipr (DOT) res (DOT) in
Contact:-     +917923964078
Fax:-           +917923962277

Reserach Interest
  1. Nonlinear and turbulent phenomena in laboratory, astrophysical and fusion plasmas.
  2. Laser Plasma interaction: Applications - medical, security etc., fundamental issues - QED and radiation reaction effects in collective plasma environment.
  3. Dusty plasmas as strongly coupled state of matter, interdisciplinary connections with condensed matter, visco-elastic fluid systems, behaviour of active matter.
Degree Year University
B.Sc. 1981-1984 Patna University
M.Sc. 1984-1986 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Ph.D. 1986-1990 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Professional career
Year Institute Position
1990 -1996 Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Fellow (Scientist SD)
1996-2002 Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Associate Professor - I
2002-2008 Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Associate Professor - II
2008-2010 Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Professor G
2010-2012 Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Professor H
2012- present Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Professor H+
1998-2002 Fusion and Astrophysical group, UCSD, California Visiting Assistant Project Scientist
Institute/ Academy/ Society Award Year
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Best outgoing M.Sc Physics student 1986
DAE-SRC Outstanding Research Investigator Award
(Study of Plasma Turbulence)
Indian Academy of Sciences Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences
Gujarat Science Academy Fellow of Gujarat science Academy
ICTP Regular Associate member of ICTP
National Academy of Science India Fellow of National Academy of Science India
Utkarsh Foundation India Women Excellence Award (Scientist and Innovator)
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Other Information
  1. Vice President of the Plasma Science Society of India (PSSI) (2006 - 2008).
  2. General Secretary of the Plasma Science Society of India (PSSI) (2004 - 2006 ).
Selected Invited Talks
  1. Nonlinear Aspects of Electron Magnetohydrodynamics (Invited Topical lecture) International Congress in Plasma Physics, ICPP-1998, Prague.

  2. Complexity and Slelf Organization in EMHD Turbulence (Invited Talk) APS- DPP, Chicago, Seattle, Oct 1999.

  3. Waves and Turbulent Phenomena in Electron Magnetohydrodynamics. (Seminar) Physics Department, UCSD, Feb 2000.

  4. Self Organization and wave induced melting of quasi-crystalline patterns in 2-D plasma flows. (Invited Talk) International conference on Frontiers of nonlinear physics. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 3 - 9 July 2007.

  5. Theoretical description of electron transport and stopping in fast ignition (Invited Talk) 1st NILES International workshop on Lasers and Plasmas joined with the 10th Easter Plasma Meeting at Cairo, Egypt, 15th - 19th March (2008).

  6. Intermittency in Plasma Turbulence (Overview Talk ) 2008 ICTP International workshop on the frontiers in modern Plasma Physics

  7. Collisionless stopping of current pulses in an inhomogeneous EMHD plasma . (Invited Talk ) 15th International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP) & the 13th Latin American workshop on Plasma Physics (LAWPP) held at Santiago, Chile, August 8 - 13, (2010).

  8. Collisionless stopping of current pulses in an inhomogeneous EMHD plasma ). (Invited Talk) (a) "The Nature of Turbulence", KITP in Santa Barbara (UCSB) (b) UCLA and (c) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory U.S.A (March 15th to June 15th (2011).

  9. Guiding and Collimation of electron current pulses in Plasma. (Invited Talk) (a) Plasma Conference (Nov 22nd - Nov 25th) (2011) and (b) the 1st ASHULA ( ASian core program for High energy density Science) (Using intense LAser photons held at Kanazawa, Japan.

  10. Collective behavior in strongly coupled dusty Plasma medium (Keynote address) International Conference on the Physics of dusty Plasmas ICPDP at New Delhi, March (2014).

  11. Collective behavior of strongly coupled dusty plasma medium (Invited Talk) International Congress on Plasma Physics 15th to 19th Sept(2014).

  12. Simulation and modeling of magnetic field dynamics in laser plasma interaction (Invited Talk) 10th Asia Plasma and Fusion Association Conference at Gandhinagar – India 14th to 18th Dec (2015)

  13. Plasma based Particle Accelerators. (Introductory talk) ICTS, Bangalore March 2017.

  14. Electron transport in Plasmas. (Invited Talk) University of Iowa, USA; oct 2017. (Colloquium talk) Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Nov 2017

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