Colloquium # 322

Turbulence in buoyancy-driven bubbly flows


Dr. Prasad Perlekar
TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Hyderabad, India

Friday, 17th March at 3:30 PM


The flow of suspension of deformable objects (bubbles or droplets) is omnipresent in a variety of natural and industrial processes. A swarm of rising bubbles in an otherwise quiescent fluid, at moderate volume-fraction, generates pseudo-turbulence studied by several experiments and numerical simulations over the last three decades. We present a Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) study of buoyancy-driven bubbly flows. We investigate the statistical properties of the liquid velocity comparison and make comparisons with experiments. Using the scale-by-scale energy budget analysis, we study the role of surface tension and inertial forces. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Prasad Perlekar is a faculty at TIFR-Hyderabad since 2013. His group at TIFRH is interested in investigating the statistical properties of multiphase fluid flows and nonequilibrium physics. In particular, using high-resolution numerical simulations the group has investigated several questions of principle such as spectral properties of bubbly flows, turbulence in polar active fluids, and drag-reduction in polymeric fluids.