After 25 years of successful operation of ADITYA tokamak
(~30,000 discharges) in a circular poloidal ring limiter configuration, it has been upgraded to a tokamak named ADITYA Upgrade (ADITYA-U) to realize the shaped-plasma operations in an open diverter configurations. The upgradation was conceptualized in the year 2014 and the ADITYA tokamak had been dismantled to its base level in the year 2015. The ADITYA-U tokamak construction was completed in the year 2016 and the first plasma was achieved in December 2016.


Steady State Superconducting Tokamak (SST-1) was conceptualized in 1995 for addressing the physics and technological issues relevant to steady state operation of fusion machines.

SST-1 is a medium-size tokamak with a major radius of 1.1m and a minor radius of 0.2m. The toroidal magnetic field is routinely operated at 1.5T ( TF magnets are designed for  3T). ECR preionization and Ohmic system are  used to achieve the 100kA plasma current  up to  450ms in Ohmic-only scenarios. Launching the Lower Hybrid power of about 100kW has also been used to enhance the 80kA plasma of duration  650ms (limited due to the available equilibrium field provided by the external (Copper-based) vertical field).

Spherical Tokamak