DST-SERB School on Magnetically Confined Plasmas & Societal Applications of Plasma
28 Sept to 17 Oct, 2020, Institute For Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar (Gujarat)
Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the SERB school has been postponed
Note :  Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the school has been postponed. The new dates will be announced soon. The online application platform is being suspended temporarily. It will be up again with extended dates once the new school dates are there. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused in any form. Thanks for the understanding. - SERB committee
Preamble: Studies about Plasma, the fourth state of matter, have grown by leaps and bounds because of potential applications in many aspects of human life. The applications range from Energy, Agriculture and Medicine to various industries.  Energy production through controlled thermo-nuclear fusion, which is environment friendly is also one of the major applications of plasma. Since the realization of fusion through magnetic confinement scheme called tokamak is well ahead of other schemes, it is necessary to bring awareness about this scheme among the young minds to generate required manpower in this challenging endeavor.
In this connection, IPR has been engaged for the last few decades and has  two operational tokamaks namely, Aditya-Upgrade and Steady-state Superconducting Tokamak -1 (SST-1). On the international front, India is a partner in the ITER project (http://www.iter.org) which is being built at Cadarache, France. India will contribute ~9% of the project cost and will get access to all the technologies involved in the project. While IPR (the nodal agency for the ITER project) is working towards the completion of its ~9% contributions, it needs a huge national effort to learn and master the remaining  technologies of the project to realize a fusion power plant in India.
Motivation :  This school will prepare and motivate research students, post-doctoral fellows and young lecturers towards bringing awareness through lectures and hands-on experiments in this fascinating area and the spin-off technologies which have potential applications.
Participation: The school is primarily meant for young research students who have just started their PhD work in plasma science & technology or related areas. This school will also be an opportunity for young faculties  and students in universities to get  acquainted with this area of research. A limited number of highly motivated graduate / post graduate students in physics may also be admitted. Total number of participants will be limited to 40. All the selected participants will be provided to-and-fro III AC train or bus fare apart from free lodging and boarding.
How to apply: Applicants need to fill in the on-line application form in the school website (http://www.ipr.res.in/SERB2020). The print-out of the filled applications also need to be sent to the following address, with the approval of respective theses advisors and / or heads of the department / institution:
Institute for Plasma Research, Near Indira Bridge
Bhat, Gandhinagar 382 428 (Gujarat)
  E-mail  : serb2020@ipr.res.in
Dr. N. Ramasubramanian
School Director 
Dr. P. Bandyopadhyay
School  Co-Director


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