DST-SERB School on Magnetically Confined Plasmas & Societal Applications of Plasma
28 Sept to 17 Oct, 2020, Institute For Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar (Gujarat)
The school will have lectures covering six major areas namely:
  • Fundamentals of Plasma
  • Fusion and Magnetic Confinement
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • ITER-Project
  • Plasma Simulation
  • Societal Applications of Plasma
and selected hands-on experiments, for e.g. :
  • Plasma production & Paschen law
  • Langmuir probe
  • Emission Spectroscopy
  • Arc Plasma & Enthalpy probe
as well as participation in (Aditya upgrade & / or SST-1) live tokamak operations.
All lectures will be delivered by scientists and engineers from all over the country, working in the relevant areas. Some popular lectures will also be delivered by eminent speakers.


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