The National Symposium on High Power RF & Microwaves will be held at the Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India) from 4-6 September 2013.

Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) is a premier Institute, devoted to the research in various aspects of plasma science and technology, fusion technology, industrial applications and associated technologies, viz, superconducting magnets, cryogenics, ultra high vacuum, pulsed power, microwave, RF, computer-based control and data acquisition. Steady state super conducting tokamak (SST-1) is being realized at IPR, following the successful operation of the first Indian tokamak. IPR is the nodal agency for managing the in-kind contribution from India to the ITER Project, which is a major step towards realizing nuclear fusion for the mankind and for industrial plasma applications. Plasma production and its applications to these areas require gas pressure from sub-atmospheric level down to ultra high vacuum range. IPR is involved in research and development in the vacuum science and technology along with other technologies. IPR is responsible for design, construction and final acceptance test of the   vacuum system of large vacuum chambers, viz. ITER Cryostat, LIGO, DEMO etc.

Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are twin cities of the western state of India, Gujarat. Gandhinagar is also the capital city of Gujarat.


Institute For Plasma Research (IPR) is located close to Ahmedabad airport (AMD) which is well connected by air to other national as well as international destinations.


The climate in Ahmedabad during September would be warm, with day temperatures between 35-40 DegC and night temperatures between 25-30DegC, with chances of rain.

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