Colloquium # 285

Calculus and Differentiable Dynamics on Fractals
Physical Relevance and Applications

By Prof. Anil Gangal, IISER Pune

Friday, Feb 16th 2018 at 3:30 PM
Seminar Hall


Development of Calculus and differential equations on fractals provide a framework to address a variety of problems for which ordinary calculus is either inapplicable or powerless. Motion in a fractally distributed medium, very slow relaxations, phenomena of sub-diffusion etc are examples such problems. A further remarkable application is to the old problem of equivalences of a clock.
I will present the calculus on simplest classes of fractals followed by some applications.

About the speakers

Anil Gangal finished PhD in 1981, from TIFR Mumbai, working in the area of theoretical high Energy Physics. After two and half years in University of  Kaiserslautern in Germany, he joined Pune University and worked there mainly in the area of Nonlinear Dynamics. After his retirement from Pune University in 2010 he worked as a visiting faculty till Dec 2016 in IISER Pune. His main theme of work in the last few years has been to develop formalism and methods to deal with highly irregular structures, functions and fractals.