A committee has been constituted at IPR named "Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace" which addresses “grievance" of women at workplace.  The definition of "grievance" is as defined by the "Prohibition of sexual harassment of women at workplace bill, 2010".  Women at workplace, include all women employees including permanent staffs, temporary staffs employed for work directly or through any agency / contractor, servants (women maids), female research scholars, PDFs etc. 

Complaint can be lodged to the committee by
(i)          The aggrieved woman,
(ii)          In case of death of the aggrieved woman, her legal heir or representative,
(iii)         In case of more than one aggrieved woman, all or any one or more of them on behalf of herself and others,


(iv)            With the authorization / written consent on behalf of persons covered by clauses (i), Iii) and (iii) mentioned above:
                    (a)     A registered trade union,
                    (b)    A women’s organization or a non-governmental organization
                    (c)     A co-employee. 

    May file the complaint on behalf of the complainant in so far it relates to initiating the action under the provisions of the “Act” concerned. 

The complaint committee constituted at IPR includes the following members:
                    (i)             Smt. Sutapa Ranjan (Chairperson)
                    (ii)            Smt. Renu Hehl (Member)
                    (iii)           Smt. Kumudni Tahiliani (Member)
                    (iv)           External Expert (Woman)/NGO (Member)
                    (v)            Shri A.E. Harvey (Non-Member Secretary)