I. Crèche Committees:  There are two types of committees
  •  Crèche Facility Regulating Committee (CFRC).
  •  Crèche Members Subcommittee (CMS).
Crèche facility Regulating Committee is constituted by Director, IPR with following responsibilities:
  •  To make or amend the crèche guidelines for satisfactory operation of the facility. If it necessary, report any disciplinary or safety related issues in crèche to IPR administration for further action.
  •  To look into crèche infrastructure related issues and ensure the smooth functioning of crèche.
Crèche Members Subcommittee (CMS) is constituted by CFRC
  • It has two permanent members from the users of the facility and one member from IPR administration.
  • This subcommittee acts as a point of contact between CFRC and crèche users. CMS forwards requests related to crèche infrastructure, safety or any other relevant issues to CFRC for further action. The administration member takes care of administrative related issues.

II. Admission Procedure
1)     Age: 6months-12 years. Children who are mentally challenged or physically disabled cannot be taken care at IPR crèche due to space constraints at the available facility.
2)    Admission to IPR crèche will be provided on every financial year basis to the employees who are on IPR payroll. A notice for new admission will be issued (via ipruserlist & notice board) in early February of each year. Admission, once given, is valid only for the current financial year.
3)      Available no of seats: 15. If there are available vacant slots, then the admission in between a current financial year may be considered based on below mentioned criteria (point no. 4).
4)      Admission criteria :
      • The slots are filled as per increasing age of the child.
      • First preference is given to the children of IPR female employees.
      • Second preference is given to the children of the IPR male employee whose spouse is working.
      • If there are two children with the same birth date and only one or last slot is available then it will be decided by a draw in the presence of all CFRC members.
5)      The admission list will be prepared and forwarded by CFRC to Director, IPR for final approval.
6)      Admission list will be announced in the mid of March of each financial year and new admissions can avail the crèche facility from 1st of April.
7)      Admission in between the financial year will not be provided if the slot is not available irrespective of the category of the employee. New admission will be provided at the beginning of the new financial year (as per criteria mentioned in point no. 4) if the slot is not available.

III. Admission form
An admission form is available in IPR E-Office under documents section. The filled form along with a photocopy of birth certificate and a passport size photograph is to be submitted to Member Secretary of CFRC.

IV. Withdrawal   
  • Submit the withdrawal form, available at IPR E-office to Member Secretary of CFRC, at least 15 days in advance.
  • However, the employee needs to pay the full month fees in case of withdrawal in the middle of the month.

V.  Timings and Holidays
  • Open    :  9:00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. (Monday-Friday).
  • Close   :  Saturday and Sunday and all closed holidays.
  • Keeping the crèche open beyond 6.00 P.M is strictly not allowed. A regular late pick up is discouraged and a necessary action will be taken by CFRC to prevent the same.

VI. Transportation
  • Employees using IPRs’ transport, can bring their children in the IPR vehicle.
  • For the school going children, the pickup and drop facility at IPR crèche, needs a separate approval from IPR administration. A request form is provided in the admission form itself.

VII. Safety and Security
  • Fire extinguishers are arranged at the crèche and few of the caretakers should be trained to use the fire extinguisher.
  • Under any medical emergency, if the doctor is available in campus, he needs to be called immediately. The caretakers should be trained to handle emergency situations arising in the crèche.
  • No child and no caretaker is allowed into the office premises and also into the lawns/gardens of IPR.

VIII. Payment to caretakers and day to day running costs
  • The necessary infrastructure for smooth running of the crèche is provided by IPR. The payment to caretakers and day to day running costs are borne by the crèche users and do not come under the purview of IPR administration.

IX. Guidelines for visiting crèche
  • Every crèche user need to fill the entry and exit timings for their child in the attendance register kept at the crèche.
  • Breast feeding mothers are allowed to visit crèche a maximum of four times in a day (as per MBA amendment act, 2017). In all other cases, only one visit during lunch hour is permitted.
  • Parents should not over stay inside the crèche for putting up their kids to sleep or feeding them, these activities are strictly discouraged.

X. Guidelines for caretakers
  • Recruitment of caretakers and ensuring their proper training do not fall under the purview of IPR administration and IPR’s CFRC. The crèche members need to arrange these caretakers on their own.
  • As per IPR security norms, a valid ID proof (Adhaar card/voter ID or any equivalent ID) need to be submitted by CMS to the in-charge of campus security.
  • The access to caretakers of IPR crèche is limited to only the premises of the crèche.