Colloquium # 296

High Performance Nanolaminates based Functional Materials for High Temperature and Multifunctional Applications

By Surojit Gupta PhD
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58201

Friday, July 12th 2019 at 3:30 PM
Seminar Hall


There is an urgent need for high performance materials which can be used in extreme environment applications. Conventional refractory metal diborides, for example zirconium diboride (ZrB2) and hafnium diboride (HfB2), have emerged as possible candidate for high performance applications. Some of the critical applications of these materials are in in cutting tools, leading edges for hypersonic vehicles, high temperature electrodes, among others. However, these ceramics structures have inherent problems like brittleness, low fracture toughness, low electrical conductivity and low oxidation resistance. During the first part of the presentation, recent results on the design and development of novel MAX and MAB phases-based composites will be presented. There is a huge potential that these materials can be used for different tribological and engineering systems, for example, air-foil bearings, gas turbine seals, cylinder wall/piston ring lubrication for low-heat rejection diesel engines, various furnace components, among many others.
Sustainability has become an integral component of research for the 21st century. The key aspects are: (a) rapid urbanization and population growth, (b) the large amount of waste yearly disposed to landfill, (c) the global scarcity of natural resources like fossil fuels, minerals, water scarcity etc., (d) declining infrastructure, (e) the emergency of carbon dioxide emissions, and (f) climate change. During second part of the presentation, I will present some of the ongoing research on novel sustainable structural materials (bioplastics and biocomposites) and additive manufacturing.

About the speaker

Dr. Gupta is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the University of North Dakota (UND). Dr. Gupta is an active researcher in high temperature ceramics and alloys (MAX and MAB phases), sustainable materials, nanotechnology (2D particles and their derivatives), additive, and green manufacturing. At UND, Dr. Gupta teaches fundamental and applied courses related to materials science and engineering, and entrepreneurship.  Dr. Gupta has published 6 patents (granted and pending – US and International), 53 peer reviewed papers/proceedings in prestigious journals, 91 peer reviewed abstracts and/or contributed presentations, and 1 book chapter. Dr. Gupta also has an h-index of 25 and over 1300 citations (source: Google Scholar). Dr. Gupta is an active member of the ACerS, TMS, ASM International, ACS, ASME, and Sigma Xi. Currently, Dr. Gupta is serving as the Chair (elect) of the Engineering Ceramics Division of ACerS, member-at-large of Red River Valley Chapter of ACS, and nanomaterials committee of Functional Materials Division of TMS. Currently, Dr. Gupta is serving the editorial committee of Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, and Advanced Materials and Processes. Dr. Gupta has also won several awards like, Du Co Ceramics Young Professional Award, TMS Professional Development Award, Dean’s Teaching Professorship, Dean’s Outstanding Faculty Award, Global Young Investigator Award from ECD ACerS, and ASM/IIM lectureship award.