On the punitive side, to ensure speedy processing of vigilance cases at all stages. In regard to cases requiring consultation with the Central Vigilance Commission, a decision as to whether the case had a vigilance angle shall in every case be taken by the CVO who, when in doubt, may refer the matter to his administrative head, i.e. Secretary in the case of Ministries/Departments.

The work of the CVO is:
(a) To examine in detail the existing Rules and procedures of the Organisation with a view to eliminate or minimise the scope for corruption or malpractices;
(b) To identify the sensitive/corruption prone spots in the Organisation and keep an eye on personnel posted in such areas;
(c) To plan and enforce surprise inspections and regular inspections to detect the system failures and existence of corruption or malpractices;
(d) To maintain proper surveillance on officers of doubtful integrity; and
(e) To ensure prompt observance of Conduct Rules relating to integrity of the Officers, like
       (i) The Annual Property Returns;
       (ii) Gifts accepted by the officials
       (iii) Benami transactions
       (iv) Regarding relatives employed in private firms or doing private business etc.

Chief Vigilance Officer
Dr. Chenna Reddy
Associate Dean
IPR, Bhat Village
ph: 079 23962067

Assisted by
Mr. M.H. Vartak
Asst. Adminstrative Officer
IPR, Bhat Village
ph:079 23962016