Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT)

Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT) is a division under Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) which mainly focuses on technology development for social benefits and industries. FCIPT develops plasma based technologies and commercialises through Technology Transfer to industrial partners. Some of the Social beneficial technologies developed by FCIPT are as below.

Reducing erosion & corrosion of metals
Environment friendly waste disposal technology
Making wool more cohesive
Surface activation of Carbon Granule

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Laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) is a detector to understand origin of the gravitational waves (LIGO-G1702087-v1). Gravitational waves are radiation which travel at the speed of light and are transparent to any matter and set into motion any matter they interact with. LIGO is a modified version of the Michelson interferometer which incorporates a pair of suspended Fabry-Perot cavity. The orthogonal arms of LIGO are 4-km each and are installed for studying astrophysical events which radiate energy in the form of gravitational waves. Some of the astrophysical events which emits strong gravitational wave radiations that can be detected by earth-based detectors are coalescing of binary black holes (B.P. Abbott et. al., PRL, 116, 241103), neutron stars (B. P. Abbott et. al. PRL, 119, 161101), exploding supernovas (arXiv:1709.00955v2) and spinning neutron stars (K. Riles, arXiv:1209.0667v3). Although the gravitational waves emitted at the source are strong, by the time these radiations travelling at the speed of light reaches earth, their amplitude decays by r-1 (where r is the distance of earth from the source that emits gravitational waves) and cannot be measured using normal measuring techniques. 

The detector achieves its capability by using sophisticated engineering techniques which attenuates noise in high frequency range and tunes the detector to lower frequency region. All the optical components are suspended using multiple stage vibration isolation (F. Maticrad et. al., CQG 32, 185003) such that the ambient noises are cancelled. The measurement being extremely small, all the optical components are housed and the experiment is carried out in ultra high vacuum. 

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ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research

ITER-India is a special project under Institute for Plasma Research. It is governed by the Empowered Board, which is chaired by the Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). India became a full seventh partner of ITER in December 2005. ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), located in Gandhinagar, western India, is the Indian Domestic Agency to design, build and deliver the Indian in-kind contribution to ITER

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