Answers to some of the frequently asked questions are listed below

Q. Is there free accommodation for participants ?

A. NO. There is no free accommodation bring provided for any participant. LOC has however made arrangements with hotels to provide discounted rates to participants.

Q. Is there hostel accommodation ?

A. Hostel accomodation is not available with IPR. For male students, LOC has provided low cost hostel-type accommodation. For female students, low cost hostel-type is not available due to security concerns.

Q. Can I get a waiver on registration fees ?

A. NO. we are working with a very tight budget and hence it will not be possible to waive or refund the registration fee.

Q. Can I apply for travel assistance ?

A. The application for travel assistance was closed as we have already received requests that are far higher than the allocated budget. You can inquire at the PSSI desk during the conference and find out out if there is surplus budget, in which case, you can apply and TA could be provided on a first come basis. This is not guarenteed.

Q. I have applied for travel assistance, but I am not a PSSI Member. Will I get the TA ?

A. First preference is always given to existing PSSI members who have applied on-line for the travel assistance. If funds are availaible, you will be given the TA, but the cost of life membership (Rs.1500) will be deducted from your TA amount, and you will be given Life Membership of PSSI. Please see the next question for documents required for becoming PSSI member.

Q. Can I become a PSSI member during the conference ?

A. Yes, you can become a Life Member of PSSI during the conference. Please download the membership form from the PSSi website, fill it up and submit it at the PSSI desk along with Rs.1500/-, copy of your ID and a passport size photo.   How to become a PSSI member

Q. If I become a Life Member of PSSI at the conference, will I be able to avail the registration fee for PSSI Members ?

A. NO. You can avail the discounted registration fee for members only from the NEXT Plasma conference.

Q. Will there be pickup at airport / railway station ?

A. NO. The participants have to make their own arrangements to reach their place of choice of accommodation.

Q. Will there be transportation from the hotels to the venue ?

A. YES. There will be transport from the hotels to the venue and back once in the morning and once after the conference ends for the day.

Q. Is food available at the venue ?

A. The conference will provide food to the registered participants, which will include lunch, dinner and tea, two times during the day. On the last day, there will be no dinner. Registered participants will be provided with food coupons. Coupons will be available at the registration desk. If you do not intend to have food at the conference, please do not take the coupon.

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