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The National Fusion Programme set up by the Institute For Plasma Research in 2006 has formulated a number of strategies for a long-term programme aimed at developing indigenous competence in all aspects of Fusion Science & Technology with a view to be ready to take up designing and building a demo reactor after the successful operation of the ITER machine. The programme is multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional in character and requires expertise from a verity of fields, ranging from frontiers of fundamental science to sophisticated  technologies.

Interaction with academic groups aimed at generating collaborative research programmes was initiated through the first PSSI-IPR workshop held in November 2006 during which, a large number of research proposals were nucleated.

In addition to nucleating and promoting research programmes on topics of interest to the National Fusion Programme, it is essential to address a broader scope of activities such as human resource development through training programmes, funding for conferences and symposia in topics of interest to NFP etc.  

The objective of the broad programme would be to develop a strongly interacting community of fusion scientists & technologists. To promote this broader scope of activities and to establish linkages with all major academic / research institutions and industry, an organization called The Board Of Research in Fusion Science & Technology (BRFST) was proposed to be set up, with the following charter ;

  • Oversee all the activities discussed above to ensure wide publicity to the programme and promote participation from all academic /national  research institutes and the industry.

  • Organize workshops, specialists meetings and talk circuits to discuss topical areas and promote nucleation of research programmes.

  • Administer the selection of research proposals, disbursement of funds and review of their progress.

  • Organize and support symposia on topics of relevance and interest to fusion, plasma physics and other associated areas of science & technology.

  • Co-ordinate human resource development through setting up extension programmes involving students from IIT's, NIT's and other educational institutions in collaboration with IPR faculty members.

Setting up of the BRFST was approved by the Council of Institute For Plasma Research as per the minutes of the meeting dated 10th April, 2008.

6th PFRC Review meeting proposed to be held at IPR, Gandhinagar during July-August 2018.  

NFP-PFRC Vision Meeting (NPVM-2018) - Report & Photos


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In early 2015, due to the large number of projects and hence, increased fund requirements, BRFST was reconstituted as the PLASMA & FUSION RESEARCH COMMITTEE (PFRC) under the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) which is the funding agency for external projects of DAE agencies.

PFRC retains all of the operating functionality of earstwhile BRFST with only the funding now routed through BRNS.


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