1. Development of copper coatings on Carbon-Fiber-Composite tiles for fabrication of Plasma Facing Components of Tokamak by Laser Cladding Process being carrried out with Magod Laser Machining Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

  1. Powder metallurgical (PM) processing of Tungsten and tungsten based alloys for ITER like Divertor components with IIT-Kanpur.

  1. Development of  Divertor Target Elements with W-1La2O3 with NonFerrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC), Hyderabad.

  1. Tungsten Coating on SS-316LN, RFMS grade steel and Cu substract for Plasma Facing Componenets and First wall application by International Advance Research Centre for powder metallurgy and new materials (ARCI), Hyderabad.

  1. Development of W-Cu functionally graded plasma facing material for fusion reactor with IIMT-Bhubaneshwar.