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Leaflets: GLEEBLE 3800 SYSTEMS 2018

The Gleeble 3800C is a fully integrated digital closed-loop control thermal and mechanical testing system. Feature like, easy-to-use Windows based computer software in combination with an array of powerful processors provides user friendly interface to create, run and analyze the data from thermal-mechanical tests and physical simulations programs.

Gleeble 3800 system uses direct resistance heating system to heat the specimens at rates up to 10,000°C/second, or can hold steady-state equilibrium temperatures.

General Specifications of Gleeble 3800 System:

  • Maximum heating rate - 10,000°C/second
  • Maximum cooling rate - 10,000°C/second with quenching system
  • Maximum stroke rate - 2000 mm/second
  • Maximum force - 10 ton in tension and 20 ton in compression
  • Specimen

              Specimen Geometry: Round, square and flat

              Specimen Size:      5mm dia. - 20mm dia. for round specimen

                                              5 mm - 20 mm square for square specimen

                                              2mm - 50mm thick flat specimen

Applications of Gleeble 3800 system:

Materials Testing

  • Hot tensile testing on many differentspecimen geometries
  • Hot compression testing
  • Develop stress vs. strain curves
  • Melting and solidi?cation
  • Nil strength testing
  • Hot ductility testing
  • Dilatometry/phase transformation
  • Stress relaxation studies
  • Creep/stress rupture
  • Fatigue

                   Thermal fatigue

                   Thermal-mechanical fatigue

Process Simulation

  • Continuous casting
  • Hot rolling
  • Forging
  • Extrusion
  • Weld HAZ cycles
  • Upset butt welding
  • Diffusion bonding
  • Continuous strip annealing
  • Heat treating
  • Quenching
  • Sintering

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