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Principle and working method of equipment is as per ASTM E1461. A small, thin, disc specimen mounted horizontally or vertically is subjected to a high-intensity short duration thermal pulse. The energy of the pulse is absorbed on the front surface of a specimen and the resulting rear face temperature rise is measured. Thermal diffusivity values are calculated from the specimen thickness and the time required for the rear face temperature rise to reach 50% percentages of its maximum value. System also measures the specific heat capacity of a material by comparative method.

System Details:

System consists of remote-controlled Class I Nd: glass laser with maximum power 35 joules. Ultrahigh tungsten furnace works under Vacuum (up to 10-6 torr) or argon atmosphere with operating temperature range RT to 2100C.  It consist room temperature add-on module with temperature range RT to 200C and LN2cooled InSb detector for rear surface temperature measurement.




Additional Facility


1.    Electronic Balance

(Model: BSA623S, Make: Sartorius Germany)  

(Weighing of specimen upto 500g)