Plasma Exhibition
Shri Balvant Parekh Science City, Bhavnagar
22-24 February, 2024

IPR Outreach participated in the Science Week-2024 held as part of the 100th birth anniversary of Shri Balvantray Parekh during 22-24 February, 2024. During this event organized at the Shri Balvant Parekh Science City, Bhavnagar, IPR exhibited several interactive models of plasma and its applications. Over 2500 students and general public visited the exhibition.

26 Students from Govt. Engg. College Bhavnagar, Gyanmanjari Innovative University, Sir PP Institute of Science and Sir BPTI Colleges in Bhavnagar were selected as Scientific Volunteers and trained by IPR Outreach team to explain the exhibits to visitors.

Images from the plasma exhibition held at Bhavnagar
Student volunteers with IPR Outreach members and organizers of the exhibition at Bhavnagar

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