Scientific Outreach Activities

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Some of the scientific outreach activities that have/are being undertaken by IPR are ;

1. Training Programme On Plasma Science And Technology For Resource Teachers From Schools And Colleges. This was conducted in 4 cities in Gujarat state incollaboration with the Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST) during 2015.

2. Participation in the annual Indian Science Congress and Gujarat Science Congress Exhibition.

3. Participation in various science as well as technology exhibitions across India to showcase the technologies developed by IPR.

4. Orgainzing the annual  "Science Day Celebrations" at IPR.

5. Organization of “Awareness-Cum-Training Programme on Plasma Science & Technology and Energy from Nuclear Fusion” for high school and junior college teachers across India.

6. Organizing scientific/technical visits to IPR by educational institutions.

Future Programmes Planned

1. Conducting awareness-cum-training programms on plasma science & technology at various cities in Gujarat state in collaboration with educational institutions.

2. Organization of a state level science quiz competition for high school / junior college students.

3. Development of hands-on science models to aid teaching of plasma physics, electromagnetism and other areas related to plasma & fusion science & technology.  

4. Creation of teaching aids in the form of books, posters, science activity kits etc to help introduce the concept of plasma physics to school students.

5. Development of models to showcase the various technologies developed by IPR.

6. Setting up of a visitors exhibition area which will have interactive displays, hands-on exhibits and other information sources.

7. Development of remote experiments in plasma for school/college students.

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