Comic Book Series on Plasma

The Wonderful World of Plasma
This comic book series entitled "The Wonderful World of Plasma" is aimed at taking the basic concepts of plasma physics to children and introduce them to the fascinating world of plasma and its applications.  

We will try our best to bring out this publication in as many Indian languages and dialects as possible. Currently we have the book in 14 languages.
We also hope to bring out more issues of this comic series dealing with various aspects of plasma, its applications and energy from nuclear fusion in the near future.

This scientific outreach activity undertaken by IPR Outreach Division is to commemorate 75 years of India's Independence.

Please feel free to read the comic book online or download it in the language of your choice
and use it for educational purposes. DO NOT alter the contents of the book in any manner.
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Translated by
Mizanur Rahman
Pintu Bandyopadhyay
Chhaya K. Chavda
Sandhya P. Dave
Chandramouli Rotti
Anitha V. P.
Premjit Singh Kongkhan
Sunil M. Belsare
Amulya K. Sanyasi
Mahinderjit Singh
N. Ramasubramanian
Gattu Ramesh Babu
Mohammad Shoaib Khan

Once you finish reading the comic, please take a few minutes to provide your feedback so that we can make the next issue even better!

If the comic is not available here in your language/dialect, and if you wish to translate it for us, please contact <> and we would be happy to collaborate with you for the translation.

The Artist
Without the artist, there is basically no comic book..

Our young and dynamic artist is Ansh G Trivedi, who is a 12th standard student of the Eklavya School, Ahmedabad. A very talented artist, he aspires to pursue designing as a career.  

Based on the script provided to him, he has put together a visual treat that introduces the concept of different states of matter as well as plasma to anyone interested in knowing !
Ansh G Trivedi
The concept, story and script for this comic series has been done by

Translations into various languages have been done by IPR staff members.

The comic book was released by Director IPR during the concluding session of NSD-2022 on 4th Feb, 2022. The event was also attended by the artist and his parents.

Release of the comic book
Ansh Trivedi, the artist, shares his experience

Video of the release (13:00/39:40)

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