Concluding Session

The concluding session of NSD-2022 was held on 4th Feb, 2022. Director IPR, Dr. Shashank Chaturvedi, Dean R&D, Dr. P. K. Atrey and Dean Administration. Dr. S. Mukherjee took part in this on-line event.

After addresses by the three dignitaries, a comic book on plasma, espicially created by Outreach Division of IPR for children was released by Director, IPR. The artist of the comic, Ansh Trivedi and his parents were special invitees to the programme.

The results of the various competitions of NSD-2022 were declared by Ms. Hiral Joshi which was followed by feedback from teachers and students who participated in NSD-2022.

Around 80 participants of NSD attended the concluding session.

The concluding session of NSD-2022 in progress
Dr. Shashank Chaturvedi
Dr. P. K. Atrey
Ms. Hiral Joshi
Dr. S. Mukherjee
Dr. Ravi A V Kumar

Mr. Ansh Trivedi
Ms. Chhaya Chavda
Mr. Avinash Jayswal
Mr. Aditya Kavlanekar
Dr. Deepa Singh

Video of the NSD-2022 Concluding Session

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