Hosting IPR Outreach Event

The representative of the host institute is requested to read this page carefully in order to ensure that the responsibilities of the host are clearly understood before committing to hosting the IPR event.

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Host institute should fill up this questionnaire and send it to <>.

IPR will confirm the event only after receipt of this document.

Responsibilities of Hosting IPR Scientific Outreach Activity
Programme tenure
Typically 5 days (Mon-Fri), typically 10:00 to 16:00. Timings can be adjusted to suit the working hours of the host institute.  Half a day is usually required to assemble / disassemble the exhibits. Additional days can be added if required (this has to be decided while finalizing the event).

Please note that on the last day, the exhibition will be closed at 13:00 and packing of the exhbits will start by 14:00. Kindly take this into account while planning visits.

Assembly of the exhibits will be done on the day before the start of the event. Training to volunteers also will be done on this day. IPR team (as well as exhibits) will arrive at least a day or two before the event.
Expected audience
UG/PG science students, Higher secondary students (classes 8-12), Science Teachers, general public.
Inviting other schools/ Selection of participants
At least 2000-3000 participants consisting of students/teachers/public are expected to be arranged by the host during the course of the entire event. Host is required to give sufficient publicity to the event to ensure maximum participation from neighbouring schools/colleges as well as public.
Travel for IPR Team
IPR will pay for the travel of its group from IPR to the venue and back
Accommodation for IPR Team
(Minimum 7 rooms, single occupancy)
With the new government order stipulating that officers on duty should use government guest houses, host will have to either provide accommodation at their guest house or ensure that Government guest house facility in the location of the host institute is made available to the IPR team, for which IPR will pay.

Please note that final confirmation of event will be done only after receiving confirmation of accommodation.
Food for IPR staff
Host should provide working lunch for which IPR can pay (if required).
Transportation of exhibits
Transportation of exhibits to and from the venue will be done at IPR's cost. Host should provide permission for truck to be parked in an appropriate place in the host's campus, as well as offer restroom facilities for truck driver/assistant during the days of the event.
Local Transportation for IPR Group
Pick up/drop off from/to airport (or railway station) and from place of accommodation to venue of event to be provided by host. Number of IPR staff will be informed well in advance.  
Manpower for unloading/unloading of exhibits and setting them up.
Manpower for unloading the exhibits and taking it to the exhibition area and then reloading it back on to the truck after the event (Typically 3-4 persons). 
Resource materials for participants
IPR will provide all the resource materials to teachers of visiting schools on request.
Accommodation and transportation for participants
For training programmes, if host has limited budget, host can opt to choose local participants, or charge a nominal registration fee to cover food and acccommodation charges (if applicable).
Participation certificates
IPR will provide participation certificates via email to REGISTERED participants of training programs (not for general visitors). 
Lunch/Tea etc to participants
Basic working lunch, tea/coffee during a dedicated training programme. 
Space for setting up exhibits
INDOOR space (Typically 15m x 15m)  for setting up over 25 exhibits and posters and where participants can move freely without crowding. This area should preferably be air conditioned (adequate air coolers in absence of a/c) so as to keep the high voltage plasma exhibits from overheating. Also, one should be able to darken the room (with thick curtains) so as to view the plasma exhibits properly.

The bare minimum area that would be required will be ~ 225sqm.  Please let us know the maximum area that can be provided for the exhibition.

If more area is provided, not only more exhibits can be exhibited, but also that they can be spread out more, thereby avoiding crowding and hence better crowd management.  

A safe, closed space must be provided to store the empty exhibit boxes during the period of the event. This space should preferably close to the exhibition venue.

The exhibition area should be accessible in such a way that the truck carrying the exhibits can come as close to the area as possible for unloading/loading (preferably on the ground floor).

Other requirements :
1. 35 of  ~1m x 0.5m tables (or bigger) with cloth cover
2. 20 nos of 230V / 15A / 5A power sockets with grounding.
3. 20 chairs
4. Drinking water dispenser
Space for lectures
It is prefered that this area is within, or as close as possible to the area provided for the exhibits. It should be able to accommdate minimum 50 participants. This room should have required audio/video facility for conducting lectures. 
Host institute may assign around 50-60 volunteers  (preferably science oriented students from UG/PG or class 10-12) who will assist IPR staff in assembling the exhibits. These volunteers will also be trained to explain the exhibits to the visitors. The host institute is expected to take care of the food and local transportation of the selected scientific volunteers during the days of the event. These volunteers will also be given certificates for the same at the end of the event. Volunteers are expected to be with the IPR team at the exhibition during all days of the event.  

Volunteers will be trained on the day before the start of the event.
Internet conectivity
Since the team from IPR will also have to carry out other office related work during the days of the programme, the host is expected to provide access to the institution's internet connectivity (WiFi) to all the members of IPR team.
Training programme for teachers
IPR can conduct training programme for science teachers. It is a 4 hour programme with talks and hands-on training. For details, please contact IPR. Responsibility of getting the participants for the training programme will rest with the host. IPR will provide resource materials and certificates to all the participants of the training programme. Minimum number of participants : 25
Host institute is expected give ample publicity to the event and also send invitations to schools/colleges in the locality to participate in the event. Invitations to local Press and TV channels also needs to be done by the host. Host has to provide newspaper clippings, TV news links etc related to the event to IPR.
Additional Activities
Additional actvities like "Quiz", "Poster competition", "Interact with a scientist", "Tokomak Toy Assembly competition", "Tokamak Gaming" etc can be organized on request. Arrangements for conducting the same and finding participants for the events will be the responsibility of the host.
Photo/Video recordings
Host institute will have to provide IPR with Videos and Photos of the inaguration/conclusion events related to the plasma exhibition on the last day of the event.  

1. Host is free to arrange multiple popular lectures on plasma for students (1hr) or the 4 hour training programme for teachers during the period IPR team is available at the host institute's city (Resource materials will be provided only to teachers)

5. Accommodation (single occupancy) may be provided on campus, if host institution has guest house facility.  If not, host should help IPR to find and confirm Government Guest House accomodation for the IPR team in the location of the host instiution.  

11. It is totally up to the host institute whether they want to hold a training programme or not. Normally, only a short introduction on plasma will be given to visiting students. No certificate or resource materials will be provided to visiting students.

14. The area for exhibits should be enclosed, secure, lockable and preferably made dark (thick curtains) so that the plasma exihibits will be clearly visible. Safety of the exhibits will be the responsibility of the host.  

Interested schools / colleges / Institutes/ Universities/ Science Communication organizations can contact IPR Outreach for discussions and finalization of dates.

Contact for hosting IPR Outreach Event

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Outreach Division,
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