Manu Bajpai
Scientific Officer - G

Mr. Manu Bajpai joined IPR as a technical trainee in the year 1997 after graduating in Physics from IIT Kanpur same year. As a scientist in IPR, he has worked in Plasma Diagnostics, Antimatter Plasmas and Non-neutral Plasmas. He has been associated with the magnet division of RRCAT and the pioneers in Antimatter Physics from UCSD and Swansea and worked on elastic and inelastic buffer gas cooling of Electron-Positron Plasmas. His research interests include Beam Steering Dipole Magnets, Charge Particle Traps, Gravitational and Electromagnetic Interactions of Antimatter. He had been leading the project on pure electron plasma (SMARTEX-C) for last few years. His team, working on SMARTEX-C, and its collaborative activities with experimental physicists at BARC-Vishakhapatnam had made the 100ms long plasma shot to extend progressively beyond 100s and showcased other striking features. He has also been involved for last several years, in selection of deserving candidates from college level to pursue their curriculum based academic projects in IPR.

He joined the Outreach Division in December 2023.

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