Glow Discharge Plasma

A glow discharge is a plasma can be created by passing electric current through a gas. High voltage is applied between two electrodes in a glass tube having a gas at low pressure. If the voltage is greater than the striking voltage, the gas get isonized and the tube glows with a colored light which depends on the gas used.

This model can provide hands-on experimental experience to the particioants by creating vacuum, applying high voltage, creating plasma and studying the effect of plasma on magnetic field and gas pressure.

Glow Discharge Tube has origin in Crookes Tube; the invention of Sir William Crooks that  identified and established that  the glowing gas inside the tube was the fourth state of matter, which was later given the name “Plasma”.  Historically, this invention is very important as it led to numerous other important inventions and  technologies from  electrical valves, CRT tube (television, monitors, displays) , X-Ray machines , and to  many fundamental studies, technologies and tools.

The glow discharge plasma system

Effect of magnetic field on the glow discharge plasma

Effect of gas pressure on the glow discharge plasma

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