K. K. Mohandas
Scientific Officer - F

Mr.K. K. Mohandas completed his B.Sc. degree in Physics at Calicut University, Kerala and M.Sc. Physics from Poona University. He Joined IPR in 1986 and was one of the fifty staff that represented the Institute at that time. Initially, his areas of work included providing experimental setup building as well as running of several of the basic plasma physics activities of IPR. Later on involved, he was involved in the in free Electron Laser experiment (FEL) of IPR as well as the Plasma Wakefield Acceleration experiment. He joined the Outreach Division in 2017 was involved in the various scientific outreach activities of IPR like scientific communication for the monthly IPR newsletter, science day activities, development of science models etc. He has wide experience in vacuum technology, high voltage applications, plasma diagnostics, design and fabrication of mechanical components and basic and high voltage electronics.

Mohandas superannuated from service on 31-March, 2023.

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