Radio Frequency Plasma

This is a radio-frequency (high frequency) plasma device. These devises are popularly known as high frequency D'Arsonval devices (named after the French physicist and physician) with different plasma heads are quite popular for skincare therapy. These Radio Frequency (RF) devices produce plasma which, due to its high frequency, can couple to the skin and activate the skin.  The white handle of the device houses a high voltage, high frequency power supply and the plasma tube with one electrode is inserted into the power supply.

High frequency plasma can interact with our skin due to "capacitive coupling", similar to how the plasma in the Plasma Globe can interact to our touch.  Though there is no conclusive proof that this device improves skin condition, the interaction of plasma with the skin does simulate the blood vessels on our skin and the small sparks that occur between the skin and the glass tube creates small amounts of ozone which could help in curing skin problems like seborrhea or acne skin.

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