Some of the possible broad areas of research are listed below. Please note that the topics are not restricted to the below listed. Kindly look up the documentation on NFP Research Opportunities in the "Documents" page.

Interested persons may also look at the project seeds document. The PI may get in touch directly with the contact person of the project to initiate the discussions to submit a project proposal for possible funding under the National Fusion Programme.

If you wish to get in touch with any person currently working in the area of research that you are interested in submitting a project proposal, please fill up this form and send it back to NFP.

If you wish to visit IPR for discussions which might lead to submission of a project proposal, Please get in touch with NFP.

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MHD activity, plasma turbulence, physics of energetic particles.

Beryllium metal engineering, Borated steels, Low activation steel and Vanadium, Ceramic and Graphite composites, High strength Copper alloys, Electro-deposition, Special brazing and welding techniques, dissimilar material transition, Advanced fabrication and heat treatment technologies, Surface coatings, Corrosion engineering etc.

Design of high heat and nuclear radiation facing Limiters, diverters, blankets etc.

Cryopumps and Cryogenic systems, Cryo-transfer lines, Superconducting cavities and Superconducting material development, Nb:Sn cables, HTSC Current lead development, development of high field, large volume Superconducting magnetic systems etc.

Development of Klystrons, Gyrotrons, High power Tetrodes, Microwave components, RF and microwave transition technologies etc.

Ion sources: High and Low energy neutral and ion beam developments etc., Multi Megawatt neutral beam transport. Cesium delivery system. High heat flux handling systems.

Regulated HV Power supplies, Insulators, Fly wheel generators etc.

Software and hardware developments

Studies on radiation effects on materials, detectors, mirrors, windows etc., Tritium recovery and handling, radiation monitor developments etc.

Fusion diagnostics like neutron, gamma ray, proton and alpha particles diagnostics, Laser based diagnostics, Microwave and Infrared diagnostics, UV-VIS- X-ray spectroscopy, Imaging technologies, Tomography, Neutral beam based diagnostics, Analysis codes and software developments etc

Robotics, Vacuum and Pressure vessels, handling of liquid lithium etc.

Topics are not necessarly restricted to the above listed areas of research. If you think you have any specific proposal that might be useful to the NFP scheme, please feel free to contact NFP .....

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