Narendrasinh Chauhan
Scientific Officer - E

Mr. Narendrasinh Chauhan completed his M.Phil in Physics (X-Ray Crystallography) and joined the institute in 2001 in the Surface Physics group of FCIPT Division. He was appointed as Scientist-SC in XRD lab and later shifted to SEM Lab for surface characterization. He has vast experience and is an expert in Optical as well as SEM microscopy and served as a microscopist for internal as well as commercial research projects. He is involved in R&D activities related to plasma applications and contributed to many successful external projects in the FCIPT division. He served for 15 years for microscopy for all kinds of microscopy analysis.

He is also an artist having good expertise in art, crafts and designing.  He is with the Outreach Division since 2019, and is involved in executing the various scientific and societal outreach activities of IPR.

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