On-Site Outreach Events

IPR also conducts training programmes and scientific outreach outside IPR campus in collaboration with educational institutions across the country.  IPR's scientific outreach activities include talks, exhibits and resource materials.

1. Popular talks on
    (a) Introduction to Plasma
    (b) Applications of Plasma
    (c) What is Fusion ?
    (d) R&D oppurtunities in plasma & fusion

2. Interactive exhibition on Plasma, its applications and Nuclear Fusion. Over 20 working and semi-working models Click to see the list

One of the highlights of the exhibition is that IPR trains students of the host institution to be scientific volunteers who will then explain the exhibits to the visitors. These volunteers will be provided with certificates from IPR Outreach Division.

3. Resource materials
   (a) Set of 10 posters on Plasma, its applications and Nuclear Fusion
   (b) Popular book "Living with plasma"
   (c) Science activity kit
   (d) Comic book on plasma (in local language)

4. Other events : Events like (1) Quiz, (2) Tokamak Toy Assembly Competition
(3) "Interact with a Scientist" etc can also be conducted at the request of the host.

5. Training Programme : A training programme for science teachers can be orgainzed if there are minimum 25 participants. This 4-hour programme will have detailed talks and hands-on experiments. Resource materials and certificates will be provided to the participants.

The event will be for a minimum of 5 working days (Mon-Fri) at the location of the host institution. The responsibilities of the host institute are defined here.

Interested schools / colleges / Institutes/ Universities/ Science Communication organizations can contact IPR Outreach for discussions and finalization of dates.

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