Transport Allowance for Outstation Participants - NSD 2024

Following rules are application for calculation/reimbursement of Travelling expenses for the outstation candidates participating NSD2024 at IPR during 10th-11th February 2024.

Participants selected for Final round of NSD 2024 competitions at IPR and coming from places outside the town limits of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad are considered as Outstation Participants.
Originating place: Town/City where the school is located.
Destination Place: Ahmedabad:  Geeta Mandir Bus Station or Kalupur/Sabarmati Railway Station.
                        Gandhinagar: Pathikashram Bus Station or Gandhinagar Railway Station.
Every participant is eligible for a single To-and-Fro fare a) between origination and destination places and b) local transport.
Outstation Fare Eligibility: Fare shall be eligible for reimbursement on production of the actual travelled ticket.(atlest one way) for
                   (1) All GSRTC Gurjarnagari, Sleeper or Express bus fare or
                   (2) Indian Railways II sleeper or II sitting fare  (no Tatkal charges are not eligible)
Local Fare Eligibility: A participant is eligible for a single to-and-fro fare equal to AMTS/BRTS/metro/city bus tickets ONLY on the production of actual tickets.          
In case the travelled ticket by the eligible travel class is not produced, the eligible reimbursement to the participants shall be as per ST non-ac express bus (whichever type is available on that route) fare, irrespective of the mode of transportation chosen by participants.
Based on previous NSD participanting schools and latest GSRTC fares as on 15th January 2024, a list of schools with Originating Place and eligible GSRTC bus fares shall be uploaded for information only.
Participants travelling by own/private vehicle, should produce a certificate (on school letterhead) from the Principal of the school giving details of the participants (number of students and teachers (max. 2 teachers) along with vehicle number and date of travel. Eligible reimbursement to the all participants in the list will be as per ST non-ac express bus (whichever type is available on that route) fare.
Copy of cancelled cheque/ copy of first page of passbook MUST be attached with the TA Form. TA will be paid only through ONLINE transaction.
Applicable maximum TA per School: Teachers - 2, Eloquence: 3 students (one for each language: Eng/Hin/Guj), Quiz: 2 students, Model: 2 students per project/model, Skit:6 students, Essay and poster: participants selected for final round at IPR
The TA form (sent on Whatsapp and also available at Reception desk on the event day) is to be submitted along with the tickets, ID proof of the teacher in-charge and copy of cancelled cheque at the Registration Counter of NSD-2024.

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