Rural Scientific Outreach Activity :
Akshargyan Vidyamandir, Thara, Kankarej, Banaskantha (Dt)

As part of the AKAM celebrations, IPR has been conducting a series of scientific outreach activities in rural schools of different districts of Gujarat. The third such event was conducted during 20-24 June, 2022 at the Akshargyan Vidya Mandir, Thara, Kakrej Taluka , Banaskantha (Dt). This is a Gujarati medium school with over 650 students studying in classes 1-12.

The 4-day event consisted of popular talks on plasma and its applications and exhibition of over 15 working models. Over  450 students and teachers from this school as well as around 700 students from nearby schools and colleges in this taluka as well as general public visited the exhibition.

A highlight of this programme was that around 30 students of 10th standard were trained to explain the exhibits to the visitors as well as manage the exhbition. As part of the event, the Gujarati version of the children’s comic book on plasma “The Wonderful World of Plasma” was also distributed to all the visiting students.

A set of 10 posters on plasma and a popular book on plasma “Living with Plasma” were also distributed to the visiting schools for display in their school’s library. IPR Outreach proposes to conduct such events in rural schools of Amreli and Bhuj districts of Gujarat in the coming months. Click here for details.

Students and teachers from the following schools in the Taluka also visited the exhibition.

Tervadiya Odna Primary School
Tana Pay Center School
Shri Saraswati Shishu Mandir
Khanpuraras Primary School, Vada
I T I College, Shihori, Kankrej
Ogad Vidyamandir, Thara
Kanya Vidyalaya,Thara
Khariya Primary School

Images & Videos of the Event

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Akshargyan Vidya Mandir
Inaguration of the event

Introducing Plasma to the students
Plasma exhibition
Students enjoying the comic book on plasma
Students enjoying the comic book on plasma
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibition
Plasma exhibits being explained by students
Plasma exhibits being explained by students
Teachers and student volunteers from Akshargyan Vidya Mandir who explained the exhibits to visitors.

IPR Team for the outreach programme at Thara, Banaskanta

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