Academic Visits to IPR

Scientific/technical visits from educational institutions (Classes XI/XII, Graduate and Post-Graduate Science / Engineering students) as well as visits by faculty members are also encouraged by IPR.

Prior permission from IPR has to be obtained before you can visit.

Please read FAQ section carefully.

Individual / private visits are allowed only during the National Science Day celebrations at IPR.

Information regarding your visit to IPR

Visit to IPR main campus can typically have the following (not necessary all);

1. Introductory talk on "Plasma and fusion science & technology as well as its societal applications". (45 mins)
2. Interactive exhibitions related to plasma, its applications and nuclear fusion. (45 mins);
3. Visits to Aditya and/or  SST-1 Tokamak (Subject to operational schedule of the machines) : 60 mins
3. Visit to FCIPT (optional, and will require additional 3 hours), GIDC, Gandhinagar.
4. Visit to Technology Park  :20 mins

Depending on the interest of the visiting team, visits to sepecialized laboratories (220kV Substation, Workshop etc.,) in IPR can also be arranged, if requested well in advance.

The visiting institution will also be provided with a set of 10 posters on plasma and a book entitled "Living with Plasmas" (in Gujarati or Hindi or English), on request.

IPR has the following campuses in Gandhinagar. You can choose which campuses your group would like to visit.

Things to see
Time required
IPR Main Campus
Near Mother Diary, Bhat, Indira Bridge, Gandhinagar 382 428
Outreach exhibition Hall, IPR Main Campus
Introductory talk, more than 25 interactive experiments on plasma & its applications
90 mins
Various labs of IPR
Aditya Tokamak and/or SST-1 Tokamak, Technology Park
60 mins
Fusion Technology Laboratories (specilized visits)
Robotics, cryo-pumps, magnetics etc
60 mins
Google map link
A-10/B, G.I.D.C. Electronics Estate, Sector 25, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382016
Industrial, medical and other societal applications of plasma
180 mins

Steps to be followed to schedule your visit to IPR

1. Please check if your proposed date is available or not, by contacting IPR Outreach

Mr. Gattu Ramesh

079-2396 2136 / 2396 4425 / 2396 4426
Mob : 94087 83583 (Call/WhatsApp)
Mr. Narendra Chauhan

079-2396 4158 / 2396 4425 / 2396 4426
Mob : 97272 46856 (Call/WhatsApp)

Contact Timings (Mon-Fri, 10:00-17:00)

2. Once your date is confirmed, please use the following on-line form to apply for your proposed visit to IPR.

3. Please also upload in PDF format, the details of the visitors, duly signed by the group in-charge and the Head of the Department / Institution.

4. The template for the details of the visitors can be downlaoded from the link below. Please send a copy of the uploaded file (PDF) to <> with the subject <IPR Visit>.

4. Please plan your visit only after getting a confirmation from IPR.

5. Please inform us well in advance in case you are canceling your trip.

6. Once you reach the main gate of IPR, identify yourself. The security gate will have been informed of your visit.

7. Once you enter IPR, drive straight along the road to the main building. Our representative will be waiting for your there.

8. Please carry your ID card issued by your institute with you when you visit.

9. After your visit, please fill in the on-line feedback form.

Please note :

(a) Please email a copy of the details of all the visitors (students and accompanying staff) to <>. Even though there is no restriction on the number of students, 30 would be an ideal number in order to finish the tours comfortably within the prescribed time.  Visitors of foreign nationality WILL NOT be permitted.

(b) IPR currently has 2 campuses (1) IPR main campus (2) Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT).  

(c) IPR office hours are 9:00 to 17:30, Mon-Fri. Visits can be scheduled from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

(d) IPR reserves the right to cancel/ reschedule your pre-confirmed visit in case it is required to do so. In case of a cancellation/rescheduling, IPR will inform you as early as possible.

(e) IPR will not provide any certificate for the visit undertaken by your group to IPR.

(f) If the visiting group wants, they can book their lunch/snacks at the IPR canteen (on payment basis). Please contact IPR Outreach if you wish to do so.

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