The Outreach Team

IPR Outreach (ORD) Team
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Dr. Nirav Jamnapara
Division Head (ORD)

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 4039

Outreach Science Section
Outreach Events Section

Mr. Manu Bhajpai
Section Head (OSS)

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 2086

Mr. Chetan Jariwala
Section Head (OES)

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 4007

Mr. Gattu Ramesh Babu

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 2136

Ms. Harsha Machchhar

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 4114

Rahul Vishwakrma
Scientific Assistant - B

E-mail : rahul.vishwakrma@ipr.res.inPhone : 079-2396 4426/4425/4429

Mr. Narendra Chauhan

Email :
Phone : 079-2396 4158

Anand Kumar
Scientific Assistant - B

E-mail :
Phone : 079-2396 4426/4425/4429

Outreach members, 29 May 24
(L-R) Gattu Ramesh Babu, Anand Kumar, Harsha Machchhar, Chetan Jariwala, A V Ravi Kumar,
Nirav Jamnapara (Head, ORD), Manu Bajpai, Narendra Chauhan and Rahul Vishwakrma

Outreach Members, April 2024
(L-R) Gattu Ramesh Babu, Narendra Chauhan, Anand Kumar, Chetan Jariwala, A V Ravi Kumar,
Harsha Machchhar, Rahul Vishwakrma and Manu Bajpai

Outreach Members, November 2022
(L-R) Gattu Ramesh babu, Narendra Chauhan, Chhaya Chavda, Harsha Machchhar, Chetan Jariwala,
K K Mohandas and A V Ravi Kumar

National Science Day 2022

Vasishtha Vidhyalaya, Vav Village, Surat (April 2022)

Akshargyan Vidya Mandir, Thara, Banaskantha (June 2022)

KIIT-DU, Bhubaneswar (Dec 2021)

107th Indian Science Congress, Bengaluru (Jan 2020)

106th Indian Science Congress, Jallandhar (Jan 2019)
(L-R) A V Ravi Kumar, Harsha machchhar, Chhaya Chavda, Narendra Chauhan and K K Mohandas

Outreach members, April 2018
(L-R) A V Ravi Kumar, Harsha Machchhar, K K Mohandas and Chhaya Chavda

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