The Tokomak Toy

The toy tokamak or TOKOTOY as we fondly call it, is an attempt by IPR Outreach to popuralize the concept of magnetically confined fusion, essentially called the TOKAMAK. This is an oversimplified version of a Tokamak which we term as a "Generic Tokamak" which has the major components of a tokamak but devoid of the complicated structures of a real tokamak, thus making it easier to understand the concept of magnetically confined fusion.

This "toy" is aimed at high school and UG students who would like to learn more about magnetically confined fusion machines.

The TokoToy package will also have a book (currently in progress) which will not only describe the assembly of the TokoToy, but will also have important information on the functioning of the various parts of a Tokamak with references and images of real Tokamaks operational across the world.

The TokoToy

The TokoToy parts inside the box (35 Pieces)
The fully assembled TokoToy

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TokoToy, its concept and design  are proprietary to the Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar (Gujarat). This toy is NOT for sale.

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