Scientific Outreach Activity : Kochi (Kerala)
Aurorae - 2022

Feedback from Students & Teachers

Sanjana R. Rao (11 B, BAV)

This exhibition was worth it. It gave us a lot of new information about plasma and am sure we will be able to convey it to others too. All the different exhibits were new to us and learned many things. The teachers from the IPR team explained everything well. I would like to thank all the teachers from IPR  for their contribution.
Ashwin K. S. (Std. 11 A, BAV)

The plasma exhibition was a wonderful moment in my life because unlike our normal science exhibition where we built our own exhibits and present it in our own way plasma exhibition was completely based on real experiments and I thank the people of IPR for giving us this opportunity and I am pretty sure that we will not forget this in our life. Once again Thank you IPR!
Aswin T. Sudish (Std. 11 A, BAV)

The exhibition has played a big part for me, I was already a little interested in a plasma, but with the help of IPR I was able to fulfil my curiosity. They had given us a basic training the day before the exhibition and they took their time and patience to help us understand the concepts. I sincerely thank the IPR team, for choosing our school as the exhibition site when they could have chosen colleges. I also thank the principal sir, vice principal ma'am and assistant vice principal for giving this opportunity to us and I thank all the teachers for their support.

B. Navani Lakshmi (Std. 11 B, BAV)

I was a volunteer for the plasma exhibition at Bhavan's Adarsha Vidyalaya. I must say the week-long exhibition was one of the best moments in this academic year cuz' I had so much fun throughout! I admit that I didn't know what plasma was until the previous week and to think that now I can keep on talking about it is just fascinating. A big shoutout to the members of the IPR team for teaching us about plasma so well.The training session was really informative. The mentors from IPR explained the exhibits that we were assigned to and made sure that they answered all our doubts.This event gave me a lot of new opportunities like meeting new people of different age groups from various schools,building my communication skills and of course my confidence too! Once again thank you so much to the IPR team for being there for us ❤️

Hridya Binoy (Std. 11 B, BAV)

It was such a wonderful opportunity that we have never had in our life.
It gave us confidence to present our projects to teachers and students of different collages and schools. It also gave us opportunity to enter the vast world of plasma. Help and support extended from the IPR team members was really amazing. We will never forget this precious memories. Thanks to our school and the whole IPR team !

Naisha M. Shafi (Std. 11 B, BAV)

The session with IPR regarding plasma was extremely helpful and sparked our curiosity regarding the topics discussed. I was personally involved with explaining the Tokamak, and it had helped me impart my knowledge about the subject to others and simultaneously boosted my confidence. The entire exhibition was knowledgeable and inspired me to learn more on the subject.
Yadu Krishnan (Std. 11 A, BAV)

I was fortunate to attend the event organised by Institute for Plasma Research. This event had paved a way to my knowledge on new sophisticated means of energy and the need of such other energy resources in the days ahead!   The experiments which was showcased in this event convened me and other future scientist’s, the multifarious use of Plasma as a source of energy. And I would also like to add, that we students of Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya got the chance to acquire knowledge from great mentors of IPR and convey the core part of our knowledge to others from various schools and universities.

Advaidh Manazhy (Std. 11 B, BAV)

I had a feeling that Plasma was an unreachable fire, but after this session it has become a fire within me! A wonderful session which made unreachable truly reachable!

Sachin Gopakumar  (Std. 11 B, BAV)

The Plasma exhibition was a great opportunity to meet some of the brilliant minds working at IPR, and to learn about the exhibits made and displayed by them. I highly enjoyed my time with them and researching and learning about plasma. It is an experience that I truly cherish and one I will remember. I learnt a lot from them and I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Dr. Anu Philip (Faculty, Dept of Physics, Bharath Mata College, Kochi)

Very informative session and our students had direct experience with plasma(touch, see and feel). This will motivate our students to enter in the field of plasma in their higher studies. Students and faculty members explained each experiment in a very interesting manner.
Prof. C. P. Girijavallabhan (Professor Emiritus, International School of Photonics, CUSAT)

The plasma exhibition arranged at Bhavan's Adarsh Vidyalaya, Kakkanad, by Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Ahemedabad last week, was a wonderful experience. Students and teachers can get a first hand experience of the wide variety of applications of plasma technology. Physics of plasmas is also amply demonstrated in some of the exhibits. All the demos are nicely arranged and the staff offers good explanations of the items. Dr. A. V. Ravi Kumar and his team deserve all credits for arranging such a nice extension programme.

Prof. M. R. Anantharaman (UGC-BSR Fellow, Dept of Physics, CUSAT)

Needless to say, it was a well organised and well conducted scientific programme. Students and teachers immensely benefitted from the programme. This programme really stirred the minds of the young. It had all the three components, namely Informative, interactive and inspiring.
Perhaps, for the first time in their life, they got an opportunity to see what the 4th state of matter was and what they can do to make life more humane! I am sure this expo has not only enthused students but also enabled teachers to take plasma science seriously. To put this in the right perspective in a metaphorical context I would say that this programme of Aurorae was indeed a "spectacular event in the southern most skies of India”. It has brightened thousands of scientific minds. However I have a few suggestions. I understand that IPR has developed a vast number of technologies which are available for licensing or transfer. It would be appropriate that civic law makers are invited to see for themselves what plasma can do in the realm of waste disposal, hygiene management, hospital waste management etc. For this a display of available technologies can be thought of, with salient features. Even heads of hospitals could be invited to see for themselves the advances in plasma science. In the case of exhibits, especially on levitation, you can think of making a transparent container made of glass which can be evacuated with appropriate provisions for placing the demo objects inside along with liquid nitrogen. Finally, the entire team deserves accolades for keeping the passion in them alive to explain. Given a chance I would love to see another expo with more exhibits and improved exhibits.

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