1. "Material Joining Studies for Divertor Fabrication" - S.S.Khirwadkar, N.Chauhan, P.M.Raole; Poster presented at APFA Conference held at IPR in Dec-2007.

  1. "Interface Studies of Carbon-Copper Alloy Joints for Tokamak Applications" - S.S.Khirwadkar, N.Chauhan, A. Prakash, P.M.Raole; Poster presented at 6th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HTCMC-6) at New Delhi during Sep-2007.

  1. "Thermal Data Acquisition System for Plasma Facing Components of SST-1 Tokamak" - A.Prakash, S.S.Khirwadkar, Y.C.Saxena and First Wall Group; Poster presentation at International Conference on SENSORS and related networks (SENNET 2007) at VIT University, Vellore during Dec-2007.