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Leaflets : Magnetron Sputtering System

IPR RF Magnetron Sputtering Unit (BC-300) make HHV, Bangalore is having maximum capacity of RF power of 300W and substrate heating up to 1000oC. The vacuum chamber can work at high vacuum of the order of 10-6 mbar. Metal targets like Ti, Cu, Cr, Al etc. and Non metal like Graphite target are normally used. This unit provides a complete coating solution for the deposition of both metals and non metal on various substrates with good control of uniformity.

The major components of the unit are:

  Vacuum pumping system (HHV make FD-12 Rotary pump as primary, Edwards Next-400 Turbo Pump as secondary pump).

  Provided gas (like Argon) purging line in the vacuum chamber during the sputtering process.

  PLC vacuum controller, HMI touch control panel.

  The 4 inch substrate heater cum substrate holder with rotation facility mounted on the base plate of the vacuum chamber.

  Water chiller for continuous cooling the vacuum chamber & Magnetron.


Snapshot of Magnetron Sputtering System