Contact: Mr.Shailesh Kanpara

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Ph.No: +91-79-2396 2239

Scope of equipment: Electro polishing and etching machine is used widely for the metallography of specimen/samples such as stainless steels, copper alloys, Tungsten and Tungsten alloys, etc. Eletcro Polishing and Etching includes very fine polishing (less than 1 micron) followed by revealing the microstructure of a specimen using suitable electrolytes.

Make:- M/s. Omni Tech, Pune    

Model:- Electopol                      

Technical Specification (major):

  1.      Polishing Voltage: 0 to 110 V DC

  2.      Polishing Current: 0 to 10 Amp 

  3.      Etching Voltage: 0 to 15 V DC
  4.      Etching Current : 0 to 2 Amp