Symposium registration starts at 8:30 AM ,EDI Gandhinagar

Organised by: Institute for Plasma Research (IPR),
Bhat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Date: 27th and 28th January 2020
Venue: Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) of India, Gandhinagar
It is a great pleasure to announce that IPR will be organizing a two-day National Symposium to commemorate the 30 years of the successful operation of the first indigenous tokamak in India – “ADITYA and its Upgrade”. The main focus of the symposium will be on highlighting the ADITYA’s contribution in the field of thermonuclear fusion research. Further,  current research activities as well as future scientific and technological road map for the “ADITYA-U tokamak”  will be discussed. The talks will cover wide area of tokamak research viz.

1)  Tokamak Basics: History, Principle, Design and Assembly
2)  Tokamak Operation: Working, Vacuum, Pulse power supplies, Electronics, Data acquisition, Diagnostics, RF pre-ionization, heating and current drive
3)  Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion: Theory, Simulation and Experimental Physics Studies

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